h-trak: Patient-centric Inventory Management

Hospitals are highly dependent on efficient and transparent processes to treat patients while maintaining highest clinical standards. h-trak automates and simplifies the tasks for inventory management, purchasing, billing, and reporting by providing a patient-centric inventory management solution for surgical and interventional departments in acute hospital settings.

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h-trak is a patient-centric inventory management system based on:

  • Point of care data capture using mobile technology
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – the most effective means of delivering software
  • Comprehensive database of medical and surgical products
  • Powerful and flexible reporting
  • Support for critical business processes – billing, purchasing and cost reporting and management
  • Preference Card Management system to streamline OR processes

Our Products


h-trak is a Patient-centric Inventory Management solution that simplifies and automates tasks for inventory, purchasing, billing, and reporting.

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improve reporting with a Business Intelligence tool that provides power and flexibility with an easy-to-use interface.

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h-trak’s h-smart solution works in partnership with our customers to improve operations and financial performance.

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Accurate Data Capture

Utilise barcode scanning to capture all of the information you need to be able to manage your facilities and get the best out of your operating theatres and procedure rooms.

Comprehensive Billing

Never miss a billable treatment again – every eligible patient treatment episode accurately captured and passed through to your billing system.

Responsive Purchasing

Be able to rapidly replenish stock and get information to your suppliers that makes the whole supply chain work better.

Patient Level Procedure Costing

The cost of every procedure including facility utilisation costs, human resources and devices all reported in an easy to use, powerful business intelligence platform.