h-smart – Data Insights.

Smart Decision Making.

h-trak’s h-smart solution* works in partnership with our customers to improve operations and financial performance. We work with you to secure opportunities for additional revenue and other savings through well-defined analysis of product consumption behaviours, purchasing trends and operational processes.

Using data captured by our h-trak system and integrated with our powerful h-control business intelligence solution, we offer our customers valuable insights into their business, which drives confidence in decision making to produce measurable benefits.

Visibility of product usage patterns and related data trends empower our customers to make confident contract management commitments, evaluate the impact of product rationalisation and reduce the inventory liabilities through improved processes and governance.

*only available in the Australian market.

Our h-smart business optimisation services help you to:

  • Define, measure and report on targeted product usage KPIs.
  • Track contract compliance and highlight opportunities to rationalise non-compliant spend.
  • Deliver recommendations at the department and staff level, facilitating targeted conversations to secure clinical engagement and shift consumption behaviour, without compromising patient outcomes.
  • Negotiate with confidence to make aggressive contract commitments in the product categories that matter and deliver value.
  • Present real-time data to cross-functional stakeholder groups, providing an opportunity for in-depth examination of results.