21/02/2022 | News

UK Business Review

We are well and truly into 2022 now and excited about the business year ahead for our h-trak businesses, as we have several new implementations in the planning stages.

Amazingly 2021 was a very busy year and we are sure 2022 will be too. 29 h-trak Go Lives were delivered across Australia, Germany and the UK. A great achievement, which is testament to the strong relationships that we have with our customers and within our h-trak teams.

For many customers, the focus has been (and still is) on getting elective surgeries back to pre-COVID volumes. This entailed finding ways of improving theatre and procedure room utilisation; adding flexibility in consumable usage to address supply chain problems and improving patient safety by exporting data into patient systems and national registries.

For our most recent customers, the focus has been on understanding the potential that h-trak data offers for reducing levels of wastage and making process improvements. Whatever the objectives were, and still are, we aim to support our customers with their requirements.

In the UK h-trak business in particular we are now dealing with some sizeable numbers, especially the number of barcoded procedures scanned; the value of consumables scanned and the number of orders placed in 2021.

Our active user base in the UK has also grown to 753!  It’s wonderful to imagine all those clinical and healthcare workers logging data daily on h-trak handhelds.

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