17/12/2021 | News

Prospitalia h-trak launches Supplier Portal in Australia

Prospitalia h-trak is pleased to announce that we have officially launched our Supplier Portal product to the Australian Market. After an extensive Proof of Concept phase, the Supplier Portal demonstrated significant benefits to Suppliers and Health Services.
This includes:


  • Potential for reduction in inventory costs and reduction in stock held, as the information on usage to supplier is real time, therefore reducing lead times. This means less inventory on balance sheet, and an overall saving in stock obsolescence.
  • Error reduction, resulting in significant savings in correcting purchase orders and invoices, and reducing the “procure to payment” lead times.
  • Availability of usage and inventory data in real time to Suppliers, resulting in less stock outs that lead to procedure cancellations.
  • Ability to track backorders more precisely by Suppliers being able to communicate backorder information through the portal.
  • Collaboration between Suppliers and Health Services more directly on operational issues and challenges, resulting in process improvements generally.


Further stages of the development of the Supplier Portal will see further enhancements, features and functions introduced that provide further benefits to Suppliers and Health Services.



To find out more, please email us at info@prospitalia-htrak.com.
Kirk Kikirekov
Managing Director
Prospitalia h-trak