05/12/2023 | News

One NHS Procurement and Supply Chain – HCSA Winter Conference

The cold in Manchester didn’t dissuade attendees and our UK team headed to Manchester Central on November 28th – 29th to exhibit at this year’s HCSA Winter Conference. A large turnout for the year guaranteed a wealth of conversations and topics concerning new developments in NHS procurement and beyond.

The theme of HCSA’s Winter Conference this year was of ‘One NHS Procurement and Supply Chain’, and there was no shortage of discussions around how to utilise what’s available for both Inventory Management whilst increasing Scan4Safety – what this really means and what it looks like in practise.

Conversations around utilising data for better outcomes were frequent – when we have data taken from the point-of-care it can be a powerful tool to compare across so many key points. Can patient stay time be measured against device and implant choices? Can the wider cost of multiple aspects of a procedure be easily compared across the whole patient journey? One scan – at the point of care – could save time for Procurement, Clinical and Financial teams by interfacing with multiple systems along with reducing time spent duplicating processes. It was great to hear about the unique requirements needed for inventory management, track and tracing and how h-trak could support with the high level of customisation – from multiple attendees!

Sustainability and looking forward to a greener future were also key topics of conversation, and it was great to talk about plans that were in the pipeline and already in practise. The future is one of a united, collaborative, interoperable and greener NHS.

Our UK team would like to thank HCSA for hosting another great event and for the opportunity to have some great dialogue – with faces old and new!