15/08/2022 | News

Macquarie University Hospital chooses the h-trak system for their Supply Chain Management Solution

Prospitalia h-trak is delighted to have been selected to partner with Macquarie University Hospital for the implementation of the h-trak system to provide the hospital’s Supply Chain Management solution.

The h-trak system will be implemented within all interventional departments of the hospital, including the Operating Theatres, Angio Suite, Endoscopy and the trans-oesophageal echocardiogram (TOE) departments.  Once implemented, the h-trak system will provide Macquarie University Hospital with efficient and effective processes for Inventory Management, Purchasing & Replenishment of supplies, and Prostheses Billing.

Another core component of the system will include Prospitalia h-trak’s unique Preference Card Management System, which will seamlessly address the end-to-end processes from patient booking and setup of procedures, through to the supply chain management and replenishment of critical supplies used in these high-cost procedure settings.

In addition, Prospitalia h-trak will provide the very granular, procedure level data to allow Macquarie University Hospital to analyse spend, with the aim of reducing wastage and costs.

“We are grateful for the decision by Macquarie University to select us as their system for Hospital Supply Chain Management” said Kirk Kikirekov, Prospitalia h-trak’s Managing Director. “We are looking forward to working collaboratively with Macquarie on this project, to ensure that we produce a successful outcome, and we look forward to a long and mutually rewarding working relationship” he added.

Walter Kmet, Chief Executive Officer of Macquarie University Hospital, said: “This new state-of-the-art digital supply chain solution will ensure that Macquarie University Hospital can continue to provide the highest quality patient care and manage hospital resources more effectively.”

The project commenced in August 2022, and will start to deliver results as we roll out each department in the coming few months.

About Prospitalia h-trak:

Prospitalia h-trak provides a unique inventory management solution that caters for the complex requirements within high-cost procedure areas of acute care hospitals. The core product, the h-trak system, is a highly automated and integrated solution enabling hospitals to achieve cost savings and process efficiencies, but also the necessary clinical documentation around product use on patients to ensure patient safety.

Using barcoding and mobile data capture technologies, the h-trak system accurately identifies products used in surgical and interventional procedures, to provide a rich source of procedure information. Finance, Clinical and Procurement managers can use the data to review performance, make informed decisions and automate functions.

Prospitalia h-trak’s system is used in more than 70 hospitals in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Germany.

Prospitalia h-trak is part of the Prospitalia Group, Germany’s leading GPO in the healthcare market, with a purchasing volume of 2.4 billion Euro.

About Macquarie University Hospital:

Macquarie University Hospital is Australia’s first private not-for profit teaching hospital on a university campus. The hospital integrates clinical care, education and research with patients benefiting from collaboration between industry specialists and researchers. The hospital is home to more than 30 specialist clinics, state-of-the-art facilities, expert clinicians, innovative technology and ground-breaking research.

As the nation’s only truly integrated academic campus, Macquarie researchers are able to collaborate with doctors and pharmaceutical industry partners to identify, refine and develop treatments that will cure or prevent illnesses economically and effectively.