16/11/2023 | News

h-trak UK User Group Meeting 2023 – Patient-centric solutions

After a year of planning, the h-trak UK User Group 2023 has finally concluded. What an incredible day of insights, inspirations and, as always, a wonderful chance to see our customers in person all together.

Opening the event with welcomes to all guests and an introduction to the day was Nick Roots, Business Development Manager, to be followed by Kirk Kikirekov, Managing Director, with an update on global developments including confirming details regarding Vivecti. It’s hard to look anywhere without the applications of A.I. being mentioned and healthcare is no exception, with Kirk discussing the potentials for h-trak.

Returning for another sterling presentation on updates across the NHS Safety Landscape was James Mayne, Programme Manager and Scan4Safety Lead – University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust. Patient safety will continuously be an important topic of discussion with the NJR [National Joint Registry], the announcements of MDOR [Medical Device Outcome Registry], and the recent Scan4Safety re-ignition being the key focus for this year. Linking h-trak’s involvement in these topics was Nick Roots, detailing plans going forward. Exciting developments are on the horizon to provide further incredible support for patient safety.

Whilst not a newcomer to h-trak, Karen Jones, Customer Service Manager, was a newcomer to the presenting field for the User Group and provided an insightful and thought-provoking look at the customer service side of the operations. The session became an invaluable font of knowledge where guests took the opportunity to start what became incredible sessions of data and knowledge sharing as part of our user contribution sessions. From the simple act of getting people together the conversations around experiences from the year and suggestions to shape the future of h-trak were incredible. There was a great passion for what h-trak can do and how this can be added to in order to create even more ways to increase patient safety, highlighting how important it was to get people together.

Kirk followed up our User Contribution sessions with further system development plans for the coming year with some exciting opportunities that guests were keen to get involved with.

We were delighted to introduce Susanne Steidl, Chief Product Officer for the Vivecti Group, who resonated fully with the suggestions and needs of the guests with her presentation – we were left in no doubt with regards to the enthusiasm for Susanne’s ideas and everyone was itching to get these in motion! Susanne also explained changes to the group structure and how these will help h-trak customers in getting even more from the system.

To round off the presentations Lee Houghton, Senior Project Officer, showcased a new portable method of scanning for stock-keeping to provide efficient solutions to the challenges of space, time and resource restrictions in the stockroom.

Collaboration, passion for sharing experiences, and utilising data for the most effective and efficient outcomes came out on top for this year’s User Group and leave us looking forward to next year – roll on 2024!