29/09/2020 | News

h-trak renewed on G-Cloud Framework

Prospitalia h-trak is delighted that its h-trak patient-centric point of use data capture solution has been awarded onto the Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud 12 Framework, under Lot 2: Cloud software once again, for the fifth year running.

In use by leading NHS acute trusts to enhance patient safety, the h-trak solution captures GS1 barcodes to accurately identify products and medical devices used in surgical and interventional procedures. With its track and trace functionality, h-trak ensures the right device is used in the right patient, so any concerns over wrongly placed devices such as those flagged in the recently published The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review ( First Do No Harm) are eliminated.

When combined with other data captured in the system such as timing points, staff attendance and procedure types, h-trak also provides a rich source of procedure information, including procedure costs – and can integrate with local procurement and PLICs systems. From a clinical perspective, accurate implant data can be transferred to the patient’s electronic record.

As well as the obvious patient safety benefits, Finance, Clinical and Procurement managers in hospitals use the data to achieve considerable cost efficiencies in reducing levels of inventory; automate time consuming manual tasks; release time for greater patient care and instigate clinical process improvements.

When asked about the benefits of the successful G Cloud 12 award submission, Toni da Silva, UK General Manager, Prospitalia h-trak stated ‘Clinical Directors, Patient Safety Champions, Heads of Procurement and Directors of Finance in hospitals can use the framework call-off agreement for setting up their contracts with us, rather than undertaking an often lengthy and costly tender process. This additional route to market will enable trusts to progress more efficiently with their patient safety aspirations;  medical device improvement initiatives and GS1 transformations as well their cost efficiency plans. ’