20/11/2023 | News

Future Surgery – Innovations in the Theatre Environment

On November 14th – 15th Prospitalia h-trak’s UK team attended the Future Surgery event at the ExCel centre in London for the first time – and the conversations were incredible!

The 2-day event was packed with talks on theatre safety, progression, advancement and transformations and the enthusiasm was clear from the start; a quick walk around the arena showcased an incredible amount of cutting-edge innovations as well as thought-provoking solutions to various challenges in the theatre environment and beyond.

Hitting the ground running on day 1, discussions with our UK team ranged from the simple factor of creating a more paper-free environment to being able to access vast quantities of granular data from the act of a single scan at the point-of-care. Attendees were impressed with how the data obtained could be analysed and utilised across various systems and streamline information for a procedure, interfacing with systems to provide a more complete picture and to support key decision making.

Sticker books and reducing the time spent – as well as increasing patient safety – during a recall is always a key point of focus and Future Surgery was no exception.

Collaboration was also a topic of conversation and it was great to discuss with like-minded individuals about how to go about taking time from administration and putting that back into patient care. Reducing the manual burden and letting systems shoulder these tasks is a key proponent of the future of efficiencies and the thoughts at Future Surgery reflect this.

We wanted to thank Future Surgery for having us and for the great opportunities we had to discuss the future of healthcare – it really is looking incredible!